From Medical Doctor to Medical Writing 

Why Many Roads Lead to Rome (or Medical Writing)

Many people reach out to me and want to know how I got into medical writing. That's why  I thought it was time to share my story.
I worked as an orthopedic and trauma surgeon for a few years before I realized that the hospital was not the place where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. “Medicine wasn’t what we thought, right?” This was the headline of one of these messages I received and got to its heart.
At first, I had no idea what to do instead. Was there even something else that I could do as a medical doctor? I had some very discouraging meetings with recruiting companies. During one of the many conversations, a recruiter told me that only companies desperately looking for new employees would hire me. Fortunately, this lady was wrong.
It didn’t take long until I got hired by an international MedTech company as a medical writer. In the meantime, I have my own (so far) one-person medical writing business. And I can tell you that I’m at the right place! Yesterday I worked on a State of the Art evaluation about bioceramic scaffolds for bone healing. Today, I’m writing an online article about treating iron deficiencies. And tomorrow, I’ll be live on LinkedIn to talk about PMCF. I enjoy the diversity of my work, and my mind is full of ideas for new projects.


Workshops and Trainings

EMWA Membership


As a freelancer, it is essential for me to constantly expand my knowledge and exchange ideas with other medical writers. I am an active member of the Special Interest Group for Medical Devices and regularly provide trainings on regulatory topics at international conferences. For the journal "Medical Writing", I contributed articles on regulatory topics, scuh as the Summary of Safety and Clinical Performance for Medical Devices. 


Preparing and presenting workshops has become a passion. I really enjoy sharing my expertise with others by providing virtual or in-house training for medical writing or regulatory affairs teams. My workshop portfolio includes: 

  • PMCF for Medical Devices
  • SSCP for Medical Devices
  • Instructions for Use for Medical Devices
  • State of the Art for Medical Devices
  • Oral Presentations


I am already looking forward to the next MedDev Day in Barcelona (September, 2022). I was invited to join a "Meet the Experts" Session about the State of the Art. Manufacturers will have the chance to discuss their State of the Art strategy with me. I have written more than 50 State of the Art Evaluations for all types of device classes and various medical conditions. If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to book a free consultation!

Medical Expertise

Here is a snapshot of different areas I have been working with. My work as a medical doctor allowed me to gain experience in orthopedics, trauma surgery, spine surgery, and intensive care medicine. I also wrote several clinical evaluations for cardiovascular or aesthetic medical devices. You can't find the medical condition relevant for your device here? Then send me a message and we can figure out if how I can support your projects.